My name is Chris Hull and I help people solve their debt problems.  Often times, filing bankruptcy is the answer.  Filing bankruptcy may allow you to put an immediate stop to lawsuits, foreclosure and repossessions. Bankruptcy can also allow you to keep assets such as your home and car. In many cases, all you stand to lose by filing personal bankruptcy is your debt, including credit card bills, hospitals bills, and payday loans.

If you are facing wage garnishment, creditor harassment, liens, or other debt problems, don’t wait to get relief.  For a free evaluation, call me today at 720-227-9151 or fill out and submit my contact form.

Top 5 Bankruptcy Myths

Myth #1:  I'll never qualify for a loan or credit card again.  False.  It's not unusual to receive solicitations for low balance, high-interest rate credits cards in the months following your bankruptcy.  If you make your payments on time and don't default on your accounts, your credit score will go up.  You will qualify for loans and larger lines of credit after establishing a positive payment history. 

Myth #2:  Only failures file for bankruptcy.  False.  I don't think Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney and Benjamin Franklin are considered failures by anyone and they all filed bankruptcy.  All it takes is a little bad luck.

Myth #3:  They will take everything I own if I file bankruptcy.  False.  For many of my clients, I can protect everything they own using the bankruptcy exemptions.  There is a Colorado exemption for equity in your house up to either $60,000 or $90,000 depending on your age.  There are also exemptions for household goods, jewelry, vehicles and many other personal property items.   

Myth #4: I have to be broke and behind on my debts to file bankruptcy.  False.  There is no requirement that you be behind on your payments in order to file bankruptcy.  If you are unable to pay your mortgage, credit card bills, car loans, medical bills, or credit cards, it may be time to consider filing bankruptcy. 

Myth #5: Everyone will know I have filed for bankruptcy.  False.  Unless you're a celebrity or a major corporation and the filing is picked up by the media, it is likely that the only people who will know about your bankruptcy filing are your creditors and the people who you tell.  While it's true that your bankruptcy is a matter of public record, the likelihood that anyone other than your creditors will know you filed is very small unless someone is specifically trying to track down information on you.

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Attorney Christopher P. Hull

Attorney Christopher P. Hull

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